The Relationship and Personal Growth Specialists

Peter Janetzki & Associates commenced in 1994 after Peter completed working for Scripture Union Queensland as a Youth Worker. More than a decade and a half later it has become a well known counselling practice throughout the greater Brisbane area, as a team of counsellors who provide quality professional counselling and psychotherapy from a holistic perspective. Referrals come from medical practitioners, allied health professionals, clergy, pastors, previous clients, and word of mouth.

Peter Janetzki & Associates also provide seminars, workshops and training, in personal and professional development for couples, families, churches, community agencies, educational institutions, government departments, and corporations.

Our Ethos

People are Valuable

We believe that people are made in the image of God and are therefore the pinnacle of creation; hence they must be treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of their personal beliefs and values.

People Have Potential for Growth

Counselling has helped many normal and well-adjusted people to access their potential and to grow through the challenges of life. Unfortunately some people get overwhelmed and consequently feel stuck and are unable to go forward living their life. However many of us are able to move forward once we have gained an understanding of what has happened or is happening to us and implement sound psychological principles that enable change.

Counselling is Valuable

People who seek counselling are those who have the courage to recognize that they need help. – they simply needed someone to help them through a particularly stressful time of their lives. Early intervention counselling can help prevent many problems that cause overwhelming grief, loss and pain.
Counselling is beneficial for nearly everyone. In difficult circumstances it is good to talk to someone instead of trying to battle through alone. While friends, colleagues and family can often help, there are times when they are not equipped and at other times when it just isn’t appropriate.

Counsellors are able to help by:
• Listening and objectively assessing your situation in a strictly confidential environment
• Understanding your experiences
• Identifying underlying and complicating issues
• Choosing therapy from available treatments
• Teaching you strategies to cope with difficulties
• Assisting you to live a meaningful life.