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Marriage can be a marvellous experience. It is a union that has the potential to be more intimate and rewarding than any other, however for this to happen it has to be worked at and built.

Peter Janetzki & Associates has developed a seven session pre-marriage counselling program (outlined below) that assists couples to clarify the issues that need to be worked on, as well as providing the tools to enable them to do this. These sessions are accompanied by a workbook – Getting Ready for Marriage: How to really get to know the person you’re going to marry, by Jerry D Hardin & Dianne C Sloan.

The outline is a guide and counsellors tailor each program to meet the individual needs of each couple.

Session #1 – Introductions & The Basis of Marriage

Session #2 – Love, Romance & Marriage

Session #3 – Communication

Session #4 – Expectations, Roles & Needs

Session #5 – Learning to Conflict (How to fight fair)

Session #6 – Sexual Adjustment in Marriage

Session #7 – In-laws or Outlaws

Re-marriage Preparation

Over the years we have assisted many couple where one or both have been previously married. In this situation we specifically address the unique issues of ex-partners, step children and blended families.

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