Peter Janetzki & Associates provides seminars and workshops in personal development ranging from personal growth topics (e.g.,) personality profiles, conflict management, self-efficacy, overcoming anxiety, personal management, to building a better marriage, building a stronger family, and working with teenagers and more.

We also provide quality professional development and training for government departments, corporations, educational institutions and community agencies.

Seminars for Parents: Family Matters

Building Healthier, Happier and Stronger Families

Peter Janetzki & Associates provides seminars and workshops covering a variety of parenting issues ranging from one session workshop to full day seminars through to a series of presentations over a number of weeks covering a range of parenting and family issues including;

  • Parenting Strategies for Toddles, Primary Aged Children and Teens
  • The Role of Father’s in Raising Girls
  • Children and Divorce
  • Boys to Men Imparting Masculinity
  • Raising Champions
  • Surviving Strong Willed Children
  • Talking to Our Kids and Teens About the Birds and the Bees
  • Doing More than Surviving Adolescence
  • Successful Step and Blended Families

Seminars for Students


For more than twenty years Peter Janetzki has been interacting with teens and young adults about Relationships and Sexuality. From these interactions and his counselling experience it is obvious that many people (not just teenagers) make some of the most important life decisions based on inaccurate information, ignorance, and myths promoted by popular culture.

A number of years ago some teachers from Redlands College at Wellington Point dialogued with Peter about the need for a broad based sexuality program that went beyond the ‘safe sex’ mantra of current sex education programs. This resulted in the development of ‘Why Not Just Wait’ a relationships and sexuality program covering all year levels of High School, co-presented by Peter Janetzki and Jessica Grounds (a secondary school teacher). Using a variety of media to include power point, video, pertinent illustrations, small groups and user friendly manuals in an interactive manner.

The standard program is outlined below, however programs can be modified to suit the individual needs of any school.

Year 8 – Puberty and Changes

Year 9 – Understanding Love, & Choosing Wisely, Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting, Contraception, The Saying No Strategy

Year 10 – Ingredients of Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships – Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Reasons Why Teens Begin Having Sex, Possible Consequences (STD’s/STI’s), Contraception Effectiveness, The MYTH of Safe Sex, Reasons for Abstinence.

Year 11 – What is Sexual Integrity, the Cost of Sexual Exploitation i.e. Pornography, Prostitution, Understanding and Responding to Sexual Harassment.

Year 12 – Sexual Theology & Beliefs, Holistic Sexual Beliefs, Understanding Male & Female Sex Drive, Thinking Smart & Making Choices.

Our Philosophy

Young people will do what young people want to do. Consequently we are up front about our values so as to not impose them on students but rather challenge them to examine what we have to offer and to make informed and wise choices.

Our Values

We believe that Sexuality is not a separate part of our experience in fact it is part of every aspect of life, therefore we approach it holistically and in the context of relationships. We believe that young people have the right to be given accurate information from sound and reliable research, free from hidden agendas. We believe that every choice has a consequence and that young people are able to make healthy, life giving choices given accurate and relevant information. We are Pro-abstinence for two reasons. Firstly, evidence world wide supports that this is the safe and healthy choice, and secondly our presenters hold to a Christian world view. We also believe that the best place for sexuality education is in a loving and supportive family and what we do is a compliment to this.

We can deliver to groups of any size and we can develop specialised programs distinctive to your needs.

Professional Development

Peter Janetzki & Associates have been present a variety of professional development seminars in a variety of organisational settings. Peter is well know through out many schools for his relevant, challenging and thought provoking presentations to school staff on personal development issues